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Doctor Honoris Causa

Doctor Honoris Causa In 2014 he awarded the Doctor Honoris Causa at the University of Szeged (Hungary).   Read on webpage of Department of Geometry, Bolyai Institute, University of Szeged.

2008 Euler Medal

2008 Euler Medal He received the 2008 Euler Medal, awarded annually by the Institute of Combinatorics and Its Applications (ICA). Text from Mathematics People, Notices of the AMS, Volume 56, number 8, pags.969-970: ” Korchmáros Receives Euler Medal Gábor Korchmáros of the University of Basilicata has been chosen to receive the 2008 Euler Medal, awarded …


Algebraic Curves Over a Finite Field J.W.P. Hirschfeld, G. Korchmáros, F. Torres. Princeton University Press, 2008 – 696 pages. This book provides an accessible and self-contained introduction to the theory of algebraic curves over a finite field, a subject that has been of fundamental importance to mathematics for many years and that has essential applications …